Every day, one egg. EVERY day! Seven eggs a week. That is the job of the laying hens. And if the egg is large, all the better.
But one chicken is worried. She is almost a year old, and she still has not laid one egg. No matter how hard she tries, no matter how much she squeezes her belly, she can’t lay an egg. At best, only farts come out.
“She won’t live to the end of the month!” her companions gossip. “If she doesn’t start laying eggs, they will come and take her away.”
“I’ll say! She will go straight to the cooking pot.”
“She would deserve it, too! We are here tirelessly laying eggs every day, one after the other, and she doesn’t even lay one egg.”
The hen hears them talking and tries again. Again, nothing. Not even a fart.
When she turns one year old, she doesn’t celebrate her birthday. Her belly hurts with a terrible, horrible pain.
“Now, in addition to not laying eggs, my belly hurts. I’m so unlucky!”
The hen squeezes her belly. She screams a lot, in her chicken way: “Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!”
So it goes for a while. Almost an hour squawking! It was an hour that quickly flew by, one would say.
Hey! The hen has laid an egg! And it is not just any egg. It’s enormous!
Colossal! Gigantic! A Mega-Egg! But how did that fit in her belly?
All of the other chickens have fallen silent. Now they look at the huge egg. Then the farmer comes, takes it, and says:
“I’m taking this to a contest! It will win, hands-down! I am certain!”
The Mega-Egg wins the top prize, of course (did you doubt that it would?); no other eggs even compare to it. After this resounding success, days go by, then weeks and months. But there are no more eggs. What a disappointment!
It is now her second birthday. Her belly hurts! Yes! Yes! There you can see it; it’s coming! Look at it! It is already peeking out. It is as big as the first. And, even bigger! Another Mega-Egg is here, right now!
So this is a special hen; she only lays one egg a year!
And this is the end of…
Oh! No! No! Wait, I forgot something! Little chicks don’t come out of Mega-Eggs, you know?
And THIS is the end of the story!!

Original illustration by FDA54, used in the terms of Pixabay

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