Miss Mary’s Hats

One Monday, like every Monday, Miss Mary left her house wearing her well-fitting black hat. Because when Miss Mary went out, she always, always, always wore a hat. She was a woman of habit, and she had seven hats, one for each day of the week.

It was threatening to rain, which is why Mary had also taken an umbrella so she wouldn’t get wet. Mary was walking and singing while wearing her hat and carrying her umbrella when, suddenly, a strong wind came up. Quite a whirlwind, one would say. WHOOOOOOSH!!

 “Oh, my! I’m being blown away!”

But no, the wind didn’t blow Mary away… it blew her hat away!

 “Come baaaack!” exclaimed Mary, helplessly, watching her pretty black hat go up and up until it was out of sight. “It’s not coming back. Goodbye to my Monday hat,”she grumbled.

The following day, Tuesday, Mary went outside elegantly dressed in her white hat. She had to go downtown by taking bus 64. When the bus arrived at the bus stop, Mary was still a few meters away.

“Hey! Wait!” cried Mary as she ran toward the bus.

She caught up to it and was able to climb on just in the nick of time. Mary was relieved. Then she noticed that she had dropped her precious white hat while running to catch the bus. Mary looked through the bus window and saw a stray dog take her hat and walk away with it in its mouth, shaking it back and forth and filling it with slobber.

That’s how, on Monday, Mary lost her black hat, which blew off. On Tuesday, she lost her white hat, which the dog took. On Wednesday, she forgot her blue hat on the metro. On Thursday, she ruined her green hat, which she stained with bleach. On Friday she lent her pink hat to her friend Lucia, who never ever returned anything. On Saturday, a street thief stole her lilac hat. And on Sunday, when she got home, her gray hat wasn’t on her head anymore, and she didn’t even know how she had lost it!

“I am out of hats,” Mary told herself. “But I don’t care. Actually, I never liked them too much anyway.”

The next day Mary went to the optician and, with a smile, said,

“Seven sunglasses, please.”

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